Social media marketing is one of the most effective of the marketing strategies for most companies in the 21st century.  Factors like company profile, products, and the target audience or the customers it is catering to, are few reasons as to why they would need such a marketing strategy.  Unlike other forms, this digital marketing technique costs one virtually nothing except time and reaches not only the targeted audience but a large portion of the population that would never had come across it!


The effects of digital marketing have been colossal and hence now every marketing company is resorting to it. And since it is a platform available to anyone with an internet access, it has gained immense popularity. It is easy, effective and one of the most trusted of all marketing strategies.  The content is constructed so as to attract the attention of the readers and in turn encourage them to share it with their social networks. Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Wikipedia, YouTube are some of the social media sites we are already familiar with.


Why social media marketing?

The best way to increase your company’s goodwill and trustworthiness- this gives a company a better and increased branding.  A social media helps to spread the news of a new product or service thereby creating a channel for communication with the customers, hence building credibility.


A full proof way to engage your customers: one of the secret of a successful business is engaging your customers. This ideally should be a top priority since customer engagements are fundamental to help retain the existing customers as well as gain new ones.


Facilitates lead generation: a very important aspect of a company’s success depends on lead generation and this is a prime reason why they choose the platform of social media. Using these social Medias for the campaigns help the company to reach out to targeted lead generation.


Reason behind highly power traffic: Most companies these days rely on social media sites for the sole purpose of getting a quality and relevant traffic to their respective sites. And since there is no dearth of such channels, one can be rest assured to get optimum results.


Access to customer feedback: The customer feedback helps to improve the products and services based on their recommendations.  Social media channels helps in engaging the customers to share their reviews and feedbacks,   thereby helping the company to continuously monitor the progress or need for change or development.


Easier way to increase your return over investment or ROI: promoting a product or a service through social media channels helps to increase the conversion rate, hence increase the ROI and reap the benefits of the profit.


Cheapest and most effective marketing strategy: be it launching of new products and services or bring any other news to the customer’s notice arrival and release dates etc, there is no better way to do it than through the various social media channels.

In tune with customer’s preferences: Things become way easier when you know what your customer actually wants or prefers. You can act to improve your product and services keeping in mind their preferences and thus can plan your marketing campaigns more effectively.


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