When you think of using digital marketing for your business promotion, there are numerous channels that can be utilized for this purpose. You must have yourself received digital marketing messages as a consumer from other businesses. If you are planning to help your business grow through this new age marketing process, here are the digital channels that you must consider using.


Website or Blog

The vast cyber space provides every business owner the opportunity to have his own web resource for the business consumers. These resources can be created in the form of websites or blogs. These digital marketing channels are the most common ones in order to make people aware of one’s business products and services.


RSS Feeds

Real Simple Syndication feeds have been around for long and they are among the best push digital marketing channels. You can utilize these channels to push your business updates and news to the subscribers so that your business consumers are kept informed about your business developments.


Digital Displays

Apart from using online digital marketing channels, you can make use of offline channels as well. Digital displays, for example, are among the most popular offline push marketing channels that can be used to display personalized messages.


Short Message Service

The population of mobile phone users is increasing at a fast rate and short message service (SMS) is one digital channel to make use of these devices for marketing purposes. It is a great way to send your business messages directly to the consumers. You can utilize these channels to send huge number of messages in short time duration.


Video Marketing

Videos are capable of making one’s business messages more interactive and interesting for the targeted audiences. This is the reason for fast paced growth of video marketing popularity. Videos as digital marketing channels are used for video streaming websites as well as for sending video e-mails to the consumers.


Podcast Marketing

Podcasts have grown as great digital marketing channels. One can create audio podcasts by recording important business information and post it on the websites and other resources. These podcasts can be downloaded by the interested listeners who have the freedom to listen to them at any point of time.


Effective utilization o each of these digital marketing channels is important for achieving desired business growth. You can learn how to use them or hire the services of an expert digital marketing firm for the same.


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